Custom Blog Design by JeniWhen I came to Jeni with my project – it was so huge – I was overwhelmed! Jeni provided me with such a clear and focused path to realizing my new website. She saw the vision I had and WOW! She exceeded what I had hoped we could realize. The best part of working with Jeni was her wisdom as we moved through this project. She held my hand at every turn and provided point on guidance. I am blown away with the outcome. And my business has almost doubled! Her wisdom literally paid off!

~Sally Haughey, Fairy Dust Teaching


wordpress blog design by jeniWorking with Jeni was such a positive experience! She used her talents to transform my blog from a design embarrassment into something that I’m proud to call my own. When we started working together, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted, but Jeni asked the right questions and found out enough about my style that she was somehow able to capture the essence of me in a blog design! The results were more than I could have hoped for.

Jeni is professional, genuinely caring, knowledgeable and has an incredible knack for detail. She went above and beyond simple design and gave me suggestions that have helped me improve my site’s functionality and effectiveness. As a result of my new design, I have seen an increase in traffic, have more subscribers and best of all, feel more confident in approaching brands and businesses about creating mutually beneficial relationships. My new look has given me confidence as a unique presence on the web.

~Sharla Kostelyk, The Chaos and the Clutter


La Bella Vita Cucina Blog Design by JeniI have worked with three (3) different blog designers since 2008 and Jeni Elliott has been by far the most fabulous, knowledgeable, and talented designer to work with.

Jeni’s professionalism, with a special, caring touch, begins at the very beginning of contact with her through personal e-mails and contact through ‘Basecamp,’ a detailed contract agreement, explicit attention to detail to match my own personal desires for my blog, incredible creative sensibility to my own unique style, constant daily communication full of guidance on how to incorporate solid design principles, Skype conversations, complimentary tutorials for WordPress and Photoshop Elements, superb awareness and mastery of state-of-the-art Internet technology and trends, and a wonderful personal touch of PATIENCE and KINDNESS!

I can only give the highest of accolades to Jeni, The Blog Maven, for everything that she has done to take my beloved 5-year old blog to the highest of levels.

~Roz Corieri Paige, La Bella Vita Cucina


A Stack of Dishes Blogger to WordPress migration by JeniRight from the start Jeni was a delight to work with. Any questions or qualms I had about migrating my blog she handled with breezy ease. Not only was she clear and professional, but she was a doll and a true pleasure to work with. She made me feel so comfortable about the whole process that never once did I feel foolish asking questions. I can’t express how wonderful it was to relax and have the confidence, knowing that I was in such good hands.

~Gail Watson, A Stack of Dishes


Daze of Adventure Blog design by JeniJeni was a doll to work with and brought only professionalism to the table. I chose to work with her as it was apparent she uniquely tailors each project to the client. She was very thorough in getting to know my style and vision, which made the design process seamless. Jeni is very organized and has always communicated in a timely manner. I would most definitely recommend working with her on your next design project – she exceeded all of my expectations!

~Jenn Perry, Daze of Adventure


Marie from Proud Italian CookIf you have any fears at all about migrating your Blogger blog over to WordPress please contact Jeni, from the first moment you speak with her all your fears will be gone and you will be confident that you are in the right hands. She completely redesigned and moved my 5 year old Blogger blog painlessly! I cannot recommend her enough, her creative and technical knowledge is beyond compare. I’m so grateful I found her and so will you!

~Marie Renello, Proud Italian Cook


Finance Fox blog design by JeniBeing s a total backseat designer, I knew I had to find a designer that was willing to work with me, but also someone strong enough to put me in my place when I needed to be. So, after 8 quotes, many emails back and forth, I settled with Jeni – something I’m thankful of till this day.

I had a specific goal in mind and no longer wanted to be the average blog, but rather wanted to develop a brand – which is what I’m striving for with Finance Fox.

The whole project took less than two weeks from start to finish, and the response time was next to none. The project was completed in time that it was promised in and the lines of communication were open virtually 24/7. Many ideas went back and forth, and there was minimal pressure. That’s how I like to do business!

From one picky blogger, I can assure you that doing business with Jeni will be the greatest decision you could make for your website redesign or a completely new design.

~Eddie Kadic, Finance Fox


Mignardise Blogger to WordPress Migration by JeniJeni was incredibly easy to work with. Very patient, thorough and professional. I never could have done this without her. Count me among her many fans!

~Karen Watterson, Mignardise


Lori from Waldorf MomsI painfully struggled (and struggled) as a complete novice on Typepad and knew that I needed to switch to WordPress. From the moment that I talked with Jeni, I began to breathe easier. She made me feel at ease in every step of the transfer of my blog and as important, she made sure to carefully explain and even teach me along the way.

Once in a great while you come across a person who not only amazes you with their knowledge and expertise, but who also leaves you awestruck by their generosity to share what they know and to help from their heart. That person to me is Jeni Elliott. She is a true blessing and I am deeply grateful for all that she has done for me.

~Lori Shikuma, Waldorf Moms


Leslie from The Seasoned HomemakerI knew my blog was a bit of mess and seriously needed a makeover. I needed someone to help me blend two brand identities and migrate my blog to WordPress. I was clueless about the details, but Jeni stepped in and translated my vision into a new look. With great patience she graciously navigated me through the digital landscape and brought clarity to my murky vision. Jeni’s ability to communicate major details into something I could understand made this transition smooth and effortless. I couldn’t be happier with my new look. Thanks, Jeni!

~Leslie Rutland, The Seasoned Homemaker


Susan of Wonder Teacher | Blog Designed by JeniHiring Jeni was the best thing I did to take my blog to the next level. I had a vision for what I wanted but didn’t have the html know-how to pull it off. I gave Jeni a general concept of my vision and was so impressed with the finished product! Her creativity and artistic design made my ideas a beautiful reality.

~Susan Antonelli, Wonder Teacher


The Magic Onions | Blog design by JeniJeni has quite literally been my princess in shining armor! At a time of high stress for me, she swooped down and scooped me up, under her wing, and together we built such a beautiful site. I feel like she took my messy space and tidied it up so that everything now has it’s own place and is so easy to find. Her communication is fantastic. And her grasp of what I wanted is amazing. Working with Jeni has been a blessing… thank you, Jeni!

Blessings and magic,
Donni Webber, The Magic Onions


Baileybakes blog designed by The Blog MavenI contacted Jeni to do the coding on a design I had already come up with for my blog. She gave me a quote to code my design, but after much thought I began to worry that my design was lacking professionalism and user functionality. I was afraid to mention this to Jeni because it fell outside of the scope of the project she quoted me for. To my surprise, Jeni emailed me with suggestions she’d come up with after reviewing my blog design and needs, which included an idea for a different design that was more user friendly. It was as if she could read my mind every step of the way. Not only did Jeni go above and beyond by redesigning my blog, but she also kept my budget in mind and didn’t try to nickel and dime me.

~Bailey Schmidt, Bailey Bakes


LBee and the Moneytree Design by The Blog MavenAs someone who is basically clueless when it comes to WordPress and website design, Jeni was a godsend. She jumped right in and didn’t even bat an eyelash when I mentioned how quickly I wanted it completed. I have met very few people with her work ethic, and her desire to make everything transparent and easy for her clients is rare. No question was too silly, no request was too big and her positive and friendly attitude make her a joy to collaborate with. She even helped with a few technical, non-design related issues I had so that I could have a fully functioning website after the design was complete! Jeni’s design turned out beautifully, and she isn’t afraid to take on blogs that are outside of her comfort zone–anyone would be lucky to have her designs and she can do it all!

~Lauren Bowling, LBee and the Moneytree


There should be a PSA that says ‘Don’t switch to WordPress without Jeni’. She was a true lifesaver after I attempted to handle the migration myself and ran into a whole mess of problems, Jeni came in and worked her magic. Not only did she fix all the problems, but she dealt with my host for me, worked diligently and quickly, and went above and beyond to make sure my new site was working better than I could have hoped for. Super friendly, super competent, and super hassle free. I would never consider migrating again without Jeni.

~Abigail Johnson, All Things Urban Fantasy


The Blog FairyI have had the privilege of working with Jeni Elliott on numerous website and blog development projects over the past few years. Her professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. She is never satisfied with “good enough” and is constantly looking for new methods, innovations and processes to better serve her clients. She communicates in a timely and organized manner, keeping the project on track and the overall vision in sight. When your business, website and professional reputation are in her hands, you can be rest assured they are in the best.

~Emily White, Owner and Designer, The Blog Fairy


I moved to WordPress almost a year ago and am very happy with my new home. I have learned a lot, but I’m not a computer whiz and have struggled with changes and additions I wanted to make to my basic design and when I met Jeni, I knew I found the right person to help me.

I talked to Jeni about my short and long term goals and asked her to look things over and make some recommendations. Her blog analysis was right on target! Some changes and additions I was able to make on my own and some she had to do for me, but I’m learning. Working with Jeni is a pleasure because she is the most patient person in the world and understands me and what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks, Jeni.

~Cathy Farley, Wives with Knives


Small Things | gsheller.comWhen I found myself needing to change my blog platform, I had no idea where to start. I was so glad to find Jeni, the “Blog Maven.” She helped me every step of the way and made the process simple. Not only am I thrilled with my “new” blog, I didn’t have to sacrifice my previous blog’s content, nor my readership. Jeni helped me to transfer everything quickly and smoothly. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

~Ginny Sheller, Small Things


Hullabaloo HomesteadWorking with Jeni feels like working with a close friend. She is so personable and patient and makes the whole process of switching to WordPress as quick, easy, and understandable as possible. At first I was afraid I would be really overwhelmed with the switch, but Jeni took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I got comfortable using the new programming right away. She never left me hanging!

~Lisa DeNardo, Hullabaloo Homestead